Sunday, December 19, 2010

Please Hurry Vacation

Around here:

  • My Mom was hospitalized last Sunday and is still there...very nasty pneumonia and some new found heart issues. I went down (SC) to be with her Monday-Wed. She is better, but far from well...hope she gets home around Tues. Times like this make me really wish I was 'independently wealthy'...awful to leave her to go to work. Fortunately my brother is there and totally 'in' when it comes to taking care of her. I'm anxious to spend time with her during my school break.
  • We had icy weather on Thurs. and got the day out of school...a true Godsend! since I still had orders to process...hubby was in Atlanta on business, so I got up and started working at 5am and finished everything around 10:45pm
  • My shopping is finished, all gifts are wrapped and under the UN decorated tree...we might just go au naturel this year
  • My oldest bonus-daughter graduated from nursing school Friday evening, we are very proud. We had planned to host a party in her honor, but canceled due to the uncertainty of Mama's condition.
  • We are dog sitting both 'granddogs' this weekend while my girls are having Christmas with their Dad. Dogs have been great...amazing how much Ru has calmed down after 'playing' with that car a few months ago
  • I'm really miffed that we have to go to school next week...Mon/Tues AND Wed. ... who planned THAT calender?...just crazy! I'm sure there will be lots of education going on in our building...did you catch that sarcasm?

Want say a quick "Thanks" to all of you for your blogger friendship. For those of you who are customers, thanks for helping Basement Bags have a great year...I really appreciate your support. For those of you who aren't, I'd love to make something special for you, promise you won't be disappointed!

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday with your families & friends.

Merry, Merry Y'all!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gotta brag....

Please forgive me for bragging, but I just gotta!
Once again I have the most wonderful students in the whole world and they came up with such a fabulous idea that I was taken aback. We make these adorable fleece hats every year for a quick, fun project and one day while we were sewing someone said 'Hey, Mrs. S, we should make some of these hats for homeless people'. And our community project was born. We decided to make hats to sale at school, then use the proceeds to buy more material to make hats to donate. My amazingly generous students cut & stitched & fringed for 4 days, made 150 hats, then within 3 days every hat was sold! We earned a little over $500 profit and will donate about 50 hats to a local charity. Now Y'all, that's what I call real Christmas Spirit. I am so proud of these kids!