Monday, January 18, 2010

Did you & do you?

Did you watch Oprah today?...great show on the dangers of cell phones & texting while driving. Latest research shows texting when behind the wheel makes it 8 times more likely one will have an accident. Much worse than drunk driving. Reinforces my belief that 'multitasking' is more accurately described as 'halfassing'....not too cool when you driving. Do you text while driving?

I totally enjoyed my day off. Got caught up in the Basement (more orders now, please!). Made the above baby gifts for a friend...they are very 'green' and will probably love the 'recycle' CuTee! Spent the rest of the day doing a little housecleaning and laundry. Walked some extra minutes on the treadmill and did lots of web surfing. Hope yours was a good day too.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Germs are apparently in the air at our house. Thanks for sharing, Honey! We were unspeakably lazy yesterday for the sole purpose of self-preservation, you know, allowing our bodies to 'fight' the invaders...yeah, right? I do not remember the last time that I did absolutely nothing for an entire day, but it was nice. Of course today & tomorrow I'll be playing catch up to get orders out. Thanks MLK for your life's work and a day off!
Just finished this Tooth Fairy Pillow, cute huh? It's going to the youngest of three daughters. The Mom 'assigned' each girl a color at birth: pink, purple & lime. Everything each girl has is in her assigned color, cloths, cups, toys...she says it keeps her organized and eliminates arguments between the girls about what belongs to who. Moms are so cleaver! Love it when they share these stories with me.
There's still plenty of time to order treats for Valentines' Day. Check out the cute applique designs that can be stitched on CuTees, burps & bibs, kitchen towels, cosmetic & tote bags...just email me with your request.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Radom thoughts

Haven't posted in so long, probably don't have a reader left, but for those of you still checking in, thanks & hopefully I'll be a better blogger. It's just been a crazy start to the New Year. Our 'winter break' from school was too short. I stayed busy processing orders right up to the last minute then before I got turned around good it was time to go back to work. We just finished exams and will be starting a new semester soon. I have a fabulous girl from ASU, Courtney, that will be student teaching with me. Really looking forward to working with her.
Hubby wore up yesterday with fever, extreme headache and abdominal pain. Fortunately flu test was negative, some unknown viral infection. He's feeling better today, but still not himself. That two hour wait in the doctors office was a stellar 'people watching' opportunity. Here is some of what I saw that drives me nuts:
wearing pajamas in public
wearing shorts/flip flops when it's freezing cold outside
Mother/daughter each texting on their phone and for one solid hour didn't speak to each other
talking (loudly) on cell phones in the waiting room
Parent getting a snack out of vending machine and not sharing with child (why was there a vending machine full of junk food in the waiting room anyway?)
Parent of a 10-12 mth old baby feeding him 'lucky charms' and tea in a sippy cup
Teenagers putting her feet up in chair & parent that don't correct her bad manners
My Heavens! I probably sound like a prude to some people, but good manners and common sense sure seem to be in short order these days.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Quilted Travel Essentials
A New Year full of hope and promise AND new products at Basement Bags, what more could we ask for? We ate our greens & peas yesterday so now it's just a matter of waiting for all the good stuff to happen. Hope it's a spectacular year for us all!