Sunday, May 31, 2009


Why are weekends so short? Especially ones like we just had here in NC. Two days of the most gorgeous weather you can imagine. Boating, skiing, connecting with 'lake friends' after the long off-season, dinner prepared on the grill, glass(es) of wine by the chiminea, hours of carefree leisure...a totally perfect lake weekend! Of course our frivolity means no 'order processing' in the basement-I'll catch up this week. Tomorrow is the last regular Monday...are you keeping tack with me?... 4 days, then exams...the end is in sight!
Just added 'Home" by Michael Buble' to my IPod...what a mellow tune-aah, that anticipation of coming home ... my favorite place in the whole wide world ... home. Have a good night and here's wishing the days of our work week pass quickly.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rained out

Our lake weekend got rained out. We had maybe half a day of sunshine and D skied a couple of times. Three of the girls came down and we enjoyed catching up & dinner from the grill. I made yummy chicken salad and L brought the best fresh strawberries. Crazy how sunshine & water make me want to eat non-stop...the scales were not friendly this morning! Anyway, summer showers are typical at the lake and normally I don't mind. We have a metal roof over the porch and 'sky chairs' so I can usually sit there for hours getting lost the sound of the rain. Very relaxing. However, after 'resting' so much this Spring following my surgery, I had no patience for just sitting around this weekend. So we packed up and came home yesterday. Sleeping in my own bed is so much nicer. Used my day off at home to put together another baby gift set. Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend.

Eight regular days, four exam days and two workdays...not that I'm keeping track or anything!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Do your kids know?

At school yesterday my students (and I) were so excited to have a holiday weekend coming up. I asked what they had planned...assorted answers-going to 'the race', the lake, the beach, sleep all weekend (teenagers!)...then someone asked "what is Memorial Day anyway?" Are you serious?!?! Are our kids really this misinformed? add to my shock & amazement, no one could give a clear answer. I don't teach history, but jumped on that opportunity to stamp out ignorance. I would like to think we teach this in public education, but just in case-do your kids know the meaning of our holidays? know more than it's just a day out of school? I hope you have something great planned for the weekend...hope it includes remembering the men & women that gave their lives defending our freedom.
For us, the 'girly boat' is primed and headed to the lake. Have fun & be safe!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grocery shopping

My weekly trip to Super Wal Mart has become intolerable so it's time to shop around for a new grocery store. Love Harris Teeter, but it's just too expensive. Food Lion is ok, nothing to write home about and their produce isn't usually too great. BiLo was my favorite in SC, but there aren't many stores around here and it's changed ownership anyway. Today I tried Target...much better than Wal Mart, but again, the prices are much higher. I buy pretty basic stuff and it probably cost 10-15% more at Target than Wal Mart. I just don't know if the great selection and variety, cleaner store, buggy that actually rolls, associates that look like they bathed before coming to work, fewer screaming children with not-as-scary parents and mega cute clothes & home deco are worth the extra money. Gees, wish I wasn't so 'frugal', it'd be a no-brainer. Wonderful Wednesday...three down & two to go!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Babies and big girls...

Here's another bib/burp cloth for a sweet baby boy ... I'm liking the look of the fabric patch and band instead of just ribbon.

My babies are big girls now and there seems to be a dark cloud over them. A few days ago Hannie got twisted up on the stairs, fell and sprained her ankle. Second degree sprain, will be in walking boot for about 6 wks. Not so good for college girl that earns rent money as a waitress! Then today some jerk(s) broke into Rachel Ann's car (broad day light, in the parking lot of her office building)...smashed the window, tore up the console trying to get the CD player out, took her IPod and GPS. Just makes a mother sick when 'stuff' happens to her children, no matter how old they are. Hopefully the cloud will show it's silver lining and something happy will happen for my babes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lucky baby

Another rainy day in NC, another great day to be in the basement. Just finished this gift set (bib, burp cloth, diaper cover & pacifer clip) for a lucky baby girl. I am thankful for my talents and love sharing it with others, especially precious babies.

I'm moving on to a Sunday afternoon ritual, ironing my clothes for the week. I know...nobody irons anymore, except me. I don't put my clothes in the dryer and it's just not in my nature to be wrinkled. So I turn on PBS and iron-very relaxing- nerdy perhaps, but satisfying. Let's see, three more Mondays 'til summer vacation, that's doable!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something new

Took a few minutes and Mom's suggestion to stitch up a new product... Personalized Tissue Cover...what do you think? No more ripped up plastic and messy tissues all over your purse. I can totally see a fabulous set of matching purse accessories...tissue cover, cosmetic bag, lighted compact mirror, key fob...this is a preppy girls dream! I'd love to make something special for your favorite babe (and that can be YOU!)
Sleeping late this morning was heavenly , can't wait to do it again tomorrow! Unusual rain storms off & on all day...perfect 'stay inside & sew day'. It's Race Week in our corner of the world, so most 'locals' stay home if at all possible. But it sure is some good people watching if we venture out. has been inspected, oil changed, washed inside & out (including the engine...a Danny thing) and tires will be rotated on Monday...I am 'good to go'! Time to close up shop for the day...had just enough work in the basement to say "I didn't have time to do laundry" . Works for me. Sweet dreams!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Alive and well...

I've been awful about posting and taking pictures of projects but I really am alive & well & working away down here. Nothing spectacular happening in the basement but here's a quick update...WW total 23.8 lbs!!!...17 regular days/4 exam days/2 work days left 'til summer vacation!!! plenty of orders on 'the list'!!! so many ideas that I can't wait to stitch up!!!...oh,please hurry end of school.
Made a quick trip to SC for Mothers' Day...very nice to see family and share a special day with my 'Mama". Hope all of you Moms had a memorable day.

Had a little 'trading places' episode with daughter, Hannie. She's borrowing my car while hers is getting a 'check up'. A few minutes after she drove away the phone rang and she informed me that my inspection sticker had expired. Isn't talking on the phone while driving illegal?!??! Maybe I will report her! Must admit she did a pretty good 'mother' imitation...scolding me for not being responsible, going to get a ticket...blah, blah, blah...she must have a tape recorder in her head, cause I swear she played it back verbatim. Lord, is that what I really sound like?!?!? And then only seconds later another call with more rantings that I was 3,000 miles over the scheduled oil change...engine would blow up...blah, blah, blah! So like every good wife, I found D and fussed at him for not taking care of my care is 'man work'! Now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

All done!

Zebra bags are finished, packed up & ready for shipping. Whew! glad to be done with that project. Now we're on to orders that got 'delayed'...thankfully, the work never ends!

I'm seriously on the 'countdown'. As usual, students have awful 'senioritist'...even the freshmen! All of you teachers out there know there comes a time in the semester(year) when it just needs to be over! We are quickly approaching that point. Fortunately, since my curriculum is a very 'hands on' I'm able to keep them busy with fun projects so each class period just flies by. Still, hurry June 12!!

Our girls are busy with life...Dana & Hannie are studying for exams and scramblin' to complete final projects-I am sooo jealous that they will be finished with school next week!...Rach is working hard to diagnose all the genetic disorders of the world, studying for 'boards' which she will take in Sept and trying to win the Jeopardy trip to Galapagos (she's been once, but thinks going with Alex would be fabulous)....Lauren is relieved for tax season to be over and starting to look pregnant. BTW, she is having another boy, due in September. I was secretly hoping for a girl, but honestly will be happy with another beautiful, healthy baby of any gender. That's it from the basement today...have a restful Sunday & a great week!