Saturday, January 31, 2009

Projects & Pounds

Here's what I worked on today....bags & a burp for Bethany. Finished several other projects, but keep forgetting to take pictures. D was in CA on business this week (hate it when he is away!!!) and since he's my photographer, we'll blame no project pics on him.
OK, so it's not 'official' because technically Monday is my WW weight-in, but as of this morning, I'm down 8 lbs! Yipeee! 'Course I won't really get excited until the number is much 4X's greater...but I am pleased with the first month and honestly, it hasn't been hard yet. Yesterday was the biggest challenge...WW frozen entree for lunch, one I'd never tried...sooo nasty, couldn't eat it...totally starving by the end of school. Add stress to of my favorite students caught her finger with the sewing machine was awful! Just a freaky little accident...needle broke off...trip to ER for it to be removed...won't she just love sewing from now on?!?!?! Checked on her last night and we ended up laughing about I said, she is a great girl! Teachers always wonder if students will remember us...feel pretty sure she will. Anyway...thank goodness for carrots & those 'extra points'!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridesmaids & Babies

I love making every order that comes into Basement Bags, but gifts for bridesmaids and babies are definitely my favorites. Thanks to MLK Day & a 'snow day' out of school I'm way ahead on orders...just finished eleven wet bikini bags for a customer in NY....what a great treat for her attendants! My personalized cosmetic bags are also very popular gifts during wedding season (which fortunate for me is all year 'round) and I can usually customize to match wedding color schemes. And what mother can resist personalized goodies for their new baby? Basement Babies has lots of cute stuff...hope you'll check it out next time you need a shower gift.
In addition to finishing up orders in the basement, we finished up the semester at school. Students had exams Wed. & Thurs. and we had a 'work day' on this was a week of 'teacher favorites'...snow days & work days! Monday we'll start the new semester...I excited!...two classes of 2nd yr. sewing...all my girls will be back to learn more about what I love! I have the best job in the whole school!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three snow flakes

Winter in the south, gotta love it...three snow flakes and they call off school...what?!?!? Right in the middle of exams?!?!?....I'm betting a Saturday make-up day will be in order...oh, well...I have tons of sewing to do...bikini bags for a bridal party tops the list today. Funny, I'm stitching up goodies for a tropical retreat and there's a winter wonderland outside!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's working!

A few years ago I calculated how many pounds I've gained and lost, gained and lost in my life and the number is too embarrassing to post. You could say I'm a YoYo Dieter...or maybe MEGA YoYo would be a more accurate description for me. Most women play with 5-10 lbs....not, this girl!, my swing is usually 20-30 lbs! So when I gain, it's just crazy and then so hard to get motivated to lose....I mean, 30 lbs?!?!? that's overwhelming! And then there's the self -loathing...why did I let this happen again?!?!? Anyway, for this losing cycle WW is my 'plan'. It's so sensible and flexible and it's working for me! Down 2.2 lbs this week so 5.8 and counting! Off to the treadmill. Cya!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Missing 'woman' gene....

I'm so glad that tomorrow is a school holiday! Without the typical 'get ready for tomorrow' evening chores, I'm putting in some extra 'blog reading' time. It's fun to have a glimpse at life experiences of others...some similar and some very different. Reminds me that there are a lot of typical woman things that I just don't enjoy. Topping that list are shopping, weddings and showers... eck! ... my husband teases me that I must be missing some of the woman genes! But here's how I see it:

  • shopping-how much stuff does one need? too many people spending money they don't have, trying to impress people they don't know, buying stuff they don't need. I see post after post with pics of things they have bought or want to buy. I just don't need 'things'...unless you are talking sewing machines, fabric, ribbon...oops! did I just contradict myself?
  • weddings-too much time & money spent planning an event, and too little attention paid to planning for a successful 'marriage'. Now my wedding was wonderfully 'us'...Tuesday afternoon, historic 'villa', 30 closest friends & family, tiniest cake ever (but oh so yummy!!), great music & food...all for less than $1,000...I swear! and we are JUST as married (and happy) as those who spend $40,000 +
  • showers-a bunch of women being 'sweet' to your face, then trashing whoever leaves the room me that's sort of like getting so drunk that you get sick, how fun is that?!?!? 'Nough said!

I'm sure all these opinions stem from some deep rooted insecurities or inferiority complex or something. Anyway, although I'm not one of them, I am very thankful for all the shoppers and shower goers out make fabulous customers! So please keep shopping and celebrating! Until next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

48 good minutes

I just kept walking...iPod cranking out my fav tunes....planned to do 20 mins....48 minutes later I pushed the stop button! Feels soooo good! I want to get back in shape big time! Started WW Jan. 1 and there is already 3.6 lbs less of me! I'm so happy to have reconnected with a dear college friend, Fran. We're WW buddies now...checking in on each other and sharing weight-ins...we're using WW's great! So easy! She is losing too...think we can get back to Zeta weight? While entering my 'points' today, thought about a conversation I overheard a couple of years ago. I try so hard not to judge...but you know there are people who really have weight issues and then there are those who 'want' to have an issue and choose weight...I mean this woman was tiny. Doing WW on her own, probably because she was already too thin to enroll...anyway, someone asked 'how many points do you get each day?'...'18' she replied....huh, I big girls get 26!!!! LOL Then she went on to add 'it doesn't really pay to lose weight because you can't find a size 2 anywhere'......a size 2?!?!!? please! I prefer a 1 in front of my size number. It just takes all kinds. We got some extra special 'happy news' today...but I can't share yet....stay tuned!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I got a surcie!

Surcie = surprise...and I got one in the mail today. My oldest daughter (who is my favorite right this minute) ordered a monogram decal for my car. I'm so excited! In all honesty, was as a little disappointed that I did get one for Christmas, but this is even unexpected gift for no reason...a surcie! Almost makes me wish I still drove a minivan (almost is the operative word here...was so glad to get rid of that thing! my girls, but also love this empty nest) The decal will look fab on the Camry! Thanks,'re the best!

Mmm...Saturdays are the best!

I told D before we went to sleep last night that there "better not be an alarm ringin' in the morning" and there was not. How great to wake up naturally and to have time to just snuggle. No rush to dress, eat and get to work on time...that's living! Of course I'm working today, but in the basement where the fabric & ribbon don't care that my hair is a mess or that my pants aren't ironed! I'm fixin' (that's Southern for 'preparing to start something') to hop on the treadmill but wanted to show you what a made this morning. I love putting together 'custom' orders and this unique camo bag was made for a new customer in KY. Really cute, hope she loves it. Now, where's that I-Pod?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it Friday yet?!?!?!

I can not believe it is only Wednesday...I vote for going 1/2 days for a couple of days after a vacation. 'Course I'd also vote to go Tues-Thurs, 10-2...doesn't that sound like a fabulous schedules?
Thanks all you 'after Christmas shoppers' for the orders coming into Basement Bags. This is a great get super cute stuff and I get help with my diet...that's right..."idol hands are the devils' workshop" (did your Grandmother say that too?) my case, idol hands mean non-stop nibblin' thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me stay on my plan! Looks like personalized cosmetic bags will be a favorite again this year...they are terrific for bridesmaids gifts, Mothers' Day and graduation that will be coming in the next few months.
Hope the rest of the week goes quickly and that everyone has something fun planned for the weekend. C'ya!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to School....

This has been one of the most enjoyable winter vacations in recent years. We didn't do anything celebrity balls, no trips to Disney World...just good gatherings with family and friends, good food, sensible gifts and lots of time to just kick back. Seriously worried about how difficult it will be to get up at 5:15 tomorrow morning after sleeping in for two weeks. It will be like 'pulling teeth' to get the kids back on track....but exams are just around the corner & my students are the best so we will muddle through! Speaking of school, I monogrammed this apron for my friend, Donna, who teaches 'Foods' .... she will look so spiffy doing her cooking demonstrations!
Hope you had a great weekend...go to bed early & have sweet dreams....Goodnight John-Boy!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cute babies need cute stuff!

This blog will serve a dual purpose....a platform to air my thoughts and a place to showcase my work. I am blessed with a talent to sew...but please, I don't do alterations! Basement Bags is not only my creative outlet but also subsidizes my teaching nice to earn extra money doing something I love! (what will I do with all this money when Hannie graduates & there's no more college tuition to pay?!?! LOL) Today I 'whipped' up this baby gift set (bib & matching burp cloths). Hard to believe I used to embroider by hand...thank goodness for my Designer I!

Stuff on the agenda

Hopefully putting my thoughts on paper (aka this blog) will free up some space in my brain...seems like there's a lot of useless stuff bouncing around in there. As I enjoy my coffee this morning, my thoughts drift to projects for 2009. The agenda will include that healthier diet & exercise thing. How many years has that one been tops on my 'resolution' list?...Oprah, I feel your pain! I inherited an IPod and already see that it will make my hours (OK, minutes!) on the treadmill more enjoyable (OK, tolerable!) Anyway, I'm setting some reasonable goals and that's a starting point. I will also continue my dedication to Basement Bags...2008 was a great year and I'm thankful to my wonderful customers. The current economic situation causes concern, but we are debt free and have nothing to lose. The girls tease us about the amount of time we spend in the basement, so I'll make more of an effort in 2009 to come 'above ground' and be more social. Just a few more days of vacation and still many things on my 'to do list'.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Had to start the blog over ... I won't be winning any prizes for being tech savvy! So I'm wondering if the New Years' day meal is tradition or susperstition?... it's definitely a southern thing. We've eaten our greens & peas & pork, so hopefully 2009 will be a year of health, happiness & wealth!