Monday, April 27, 2009

One down...

...and four to go! for this week. The countdown is on...27 regular days, 4 exam days, 2 work days, then glory! summer vacation! I have lots of Seniors this semester and our excitement level & anticipation of June 12 is about even. Twenty-seven years in high school, wonder if I'll get a diploma this time?
I'm finally feeling almost normal...still having to be very careful about my diet. I'm still using WW online, but not doing so great with tracking and exercise. Total loss is 20.4 lbs and I"m within ounces of the 10% goal...hoping to hit that milestone next week.
I'm making remarkable progress on the 'big' order. 53 out of 71 bags finished. Rach was here this weekend and for the price of a 'Mexican date' she rolled up her sleeves and helped. She learned how to 'finger press', cut & seal ribbon and tie zipper pulls. She was also my 'spell checker' which is real important when one is making personalized items. None of the girls have ever shown much interest in sewing, but it's nice to know they can help in a pinch...maybe it's genetics?!?!?
Time to turn on the machines and get busy. Hope you had a great Monday.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Been away so long, had to think about the password before signing was the same thing at school last Monday after being on Spring Break. We ended our week with a wonderful trip to Wilmington/Carolina Beach.
This morning I am knee-deep in zebra print cosmetic bags, there will be 71 of them when I am finished. It's a fun project, but I see black/white stripes every where!
Thanks everyone for your patience while I'm so busy...35 more school days and maybe we'll get all caught up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is great!

It's final-I want to be a stay at home Mom! I know my children are grown and don't live here anymore, but that shouldn't matter. Yeah, hubby will reply "wish in one hand....". I just l-o-v-e being at home! Spring Break should last forever! The countdown 'til summer vacation will start Monday and believe me, June 12 can't get here fast enough. Although I enjoy teaching & love my students, this working 'outside' the home is simply overrated.
Since I'm still 'recovering', we're taking it easy this week. I've almost caught up on orders and we are taking a quick trip to Wilmington tomorrow. Got my fingers crossed for a couple of clear & warm days. I'm no sun worshiper nor do I care about 'tanning', but sunshine and ocean sounds are soooo relaxing.
Been doing a little closet cleaning. Between WW and surgery, I've dropped a size or two. Went shopping Monday with the explicit goal of buying something that was NOT black...came home with black linen pants, blk/white sweater, blk/white/taupe jacket, blk sandals, and green out of five? Goal accomplished!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Points vs. Fat grams

Do you remember when 'low fat' dieting first hit? was that some time in the 80's? Remember stories of women fighting in the grocery store to buy SnackWell fat-free cookies, so they could go home and eat the whole box! "0 fat grams", they would say...but 100,000 calories...dah!...that's advertising for you. Anyway, the concept was to eat less than 30 grams of fat a day...remember how impossible that seemed? Well, my post-surgery diet is low fat, less than 20 grams per day. I thought, no way! but soon discovered that too much fat equaled pain! so my average fat intake for the past two weeks has been between 13-18 grams per day....impressive, right? So you'd think the pounds would be dropping off, right? Well, not so much. However, enough pounds lost that my WW points have dropped...that's a good thing, right? All I really know is this: yesterday I prepared a lovely Easter lunch for my family...glazed ham, macaroni & cheese (the real kind made with elbow macaroni, extra-sharp cheese, eggs,milk, baked in the oven), deviled eggs, green beans, steamed carrots, dinner rolls, and lemon pound cake w/ice cream and I ate grilled chicken breast (unseasoned) & green beans. Oh well, at least they looked happy.

Did I mention I'm on Spring Break this week? .... YIPPEE!!! Have lots of sewing to catch up on and might do a little closet cleaning, but I'm mostly going to rest and hopefully get well.

I made this lunch tote and cosmetic bag last the fabric & colors.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Been pretty slack with the blogging and pic posting...hopefully I'll be back to 'normal' soon. We're on Spring Break next week and it will be nice to have some unscheduled time. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

This is one of projects from today-monogrammed church bag...Florida Gators?!?!?...I just make what the people I'm negotiating an order for 71, yes! SEVENTY-ONE cosmetic bags...that will be a record and I may hate zebra fabric in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just cuttin' grass

I'm told (now) that one of the biggest problems with laparoscopic surgery is that the recovery seems to be going well, people get a false sense of being 'back to normal', then they over do it (something as routine and innocent as cutting grass) and wham! pain!!! Who would have thought riding a lawn mower could play such havoc with ones insides? I'm also told to feel relieved that a trip back to the hospital wasn't necessary...I mostly just feel stupid!

Thanks everyone for your patience & well wishes these past few weeks.