Monday, January 16, 2012

Trash or treasure?

So here is an excellent opportunity to test that 'one man's trash is another ones treasure' theory. Sometimes I mess up, but never twice on the same order. Until this. It was a really bad day in the Basement. Now I'm stuck with these two adorable Child's Totes with the wrong initials...well, the wrong initials for the person who placed the order anyway. Could anyone out there use either of these bags? If so, please email me. I'm talking real sweet deal here!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Respite over

Didn't really plan to take a break from blogging, just not much to tell, then all of a sudden a month had passed since the last post...where does the time go? Still not much to talk about but just in case anyone is still reading...all is well here in the Basement. Did you make New Year's Resolutions? I would like to feel better, have more energy, sleep well, and have a more positive attitude...hmmm, turning into a pretty tall order...might as well admit that I'd also like to win the lottery, retire and live the life of leisure that was meant for me!!! ;) Anyway, my goal for 2012 is to just make healthier choices. Started the day with a Green Monster Smoothie, looks kinda gross, but actually tastes good. Check Pinterest for that site addictive or what?!?!? Probably the real reason I've neglected the blog. Unfortunately, like many others, more time is spent 'Pinterest dreaming' than 'doing'.
Maybe a fun Giveaway will get me back into the swing of things. Check back in a day or two for details!