Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reunion & other stuff

We went to A.L. Brown High School Class of '70 Reunion (hubby) last night and had a blast! He enjoyed connecting with friends he hadn't seen since the last reunion or longer. I enjoyed meeting people, the food & adult beverages and dancing! He was on the planning committee and they put together a great party. They hired a caricature artist and that was such fun!...he was really good and made each sketch unique and personal. Although I don't think it looks much like me, he nailed Danny!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family (hope you did as well) and we are off & running in preparation for more holiday celebrations. We have a birthday coming up this week (my baby turns 23 y/o!!!) and Nursing School Graduation & party on the 17th for daughter #1. Let the fun continue!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Too tired for many words but this last bag for tonight made me smile and I wanted to share. The Santa Initials are just adorable and look great on everything...totes, towels, pillow cases, name it.
My apologizes for not reading/leaving comments on your blogs....I'll be back to normal in January and promise to catch up with all of you then.
Sweet dreams!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can we say 'productive'!?!?

Started the day with 42 items on the Basement list...ending the day with 24 items left. All & all a pretty good day... I'm one tired Susie Mama! Here's some of the cuteness that will ship out Monday morning. I'm off to watch sleep through 48 Hour Mystery. Plans for tomorrow?...same song, second verse. Happy weekend Y'all!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Busy season started early this year. I was almost glad to go back to work this morning just to get out of the Basement for a few hours. No way to show you everything, but here are a few favorites...lunch bags, church bags, notebook sleeves, kitchen towels, checkbooks, CuTees and waffle weave hair dryer bags (pink & brown). I'm having so much fun making up all this cute stuff! Please don't wait too long to get your order on the list.
Hope you have a good week and stay warm!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Meandering

We enjoyed another gorgeous Fall weekend. Once again, I did very little work in the basement. That trend ends here & now since Holiday orders are rolling in (thanks!). My excuse this time was visitors....Pa & Nina were here and the girls came to eat see them. We went to the NC Transportation Museum (worth it if you are in the area), did a little shopping & eating out, saw a movie, Hereafter (good) and did lots of talking and catching up...a very nice time. We also had some mighty cute Halloween characters stop by to Trick or Treat.

Today I'm trying to get back on track, but struggling a a nasty cut on my right hand (a glass broke when I was washing dishes...yikes!) Probably should have gone for a stitch or two, but opted for home treatment. We 'doctored it up' with steri strips, gauze and a wrap. It will be fine, but it's awkward working with a bandage. I managed to finish two more CuTees for Isaac (lucky guy!) and stitched up a couple of lunch bags. These insulated lunch bags are super cute and can be used as a 'baby bottle tote' too! They are available in several colors and they are on sale! Check here.
Hope everyone is planning to vote tomorrow, if you haven't already. I'm so tired of the political commercials and all the hype but really hope we get change this time. Yes, that was a jab at the current administration, actually politicians in general. Our Country is a mess....please, do your homework and vote for the leadership we need and deserve.