Sunday, September 27, 2009


We spent the a rainy, but very enjoyable weekend in Sevierville, TN. My Dad and Nina (my bonus Mom) had a condo for the week and invited us and my brother to join them. The drive up was a little dicey, it rained most of the way. Saturday morning we ate the breakfast at the fabulous Apple Barn ... then we HAD to walk it off with a little outlet shopping. Seriously, a little is the truth, I went into only one store, but we won't talk about how much a spent in that one store. It was Chico's for crying out loud and I had a gift card! Then it rained buckets all day long, but it was the perfect excuse to stay in and just catch up, we had a wonderful 'visit'. Today the weather was beautiful, a day made for convertibles. Loved the ride home with the 'top down' but I swear my neck got sunburned.

I finished up an order of clutch bags that you see pictured here. This is a great time for me to share my 'secret weapon' for clutch bag Hubby the 'crimper'. He crimps the frames and then hand polishes every bag. What a man! Of course, crimping is only one of his talents. He is one of those guys that can do everything. The kind that makes it hard for daughters when selecting potential life partners. Not many guys can measure up to Danny Daddy! He also brings me coffee (while I'm getting ready for work) and makes my breakfast every morning! I am a lucky girl!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still here...

Life is crazy busy, but I'm still here. My only exciting news is our new grandson, he is so sweet. His Mom had a little set back, gave us a scare and a Friday night at the hospital. She is fine now and all is well. I have been running the machines wide open ... thank you wonderful customers! Sorry I don't even have a project picture to share. What a slacker!
Back to work now...promise I will try to post something fabulous next time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's been a productive weekend in the basement. Didn't take pictures of everything, but here are a couple. The tote and two sets of monogrammed towels will be graduation gifts for May '10...I do love the customer that plans ahead! Hope you ladies will remember me when you start making out your Christmas gift lists and order early.

I designed a logo and embroidered hoodies and polo shirts for the 'Fine Arts' teachers at a neighboring school. Their school colors are purple and teal (like those soooo much better than our orange/black..yuck!)

Speaking of orange & black, these key fobs are not for Halloween, they are the colors at Northwest Cabarrus High School, where I teach. My class usually makes these as a fund raiser for our program. The past two years were have made over $800 ... great way for the students to realize that sewing can be a profitable skill. I made up a 'batch' because we wanted to include one in a gift bag for a special guest coming to our school on Monday. The Governor is coming to visit us! We were named a 'School of Distinction' and it's a huge honor to get all the extra attention.

Despite my political opinions about this Governor, I think it's great from our students to have this experience and for our school to get the recognition.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cute Hats and Green Dresses....

I have a customer, Deborah, who just opened her own web store featuring these precious fleece hats! With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, these cute hats are the perfect accessory for your little sweetie pie(s). Go check out her 20% off special on school spirit hats.

Another friend, Judy, has an eco-friendly boutique that is a fabulous place for us practical-minded & budget conscience girls to shop for special occasions. Her website is for buying and selling beautiful, handpicked clothing. She connects buyers and sellers of pre-owned "wore it once" wedding and party attire...'Green dresses', if you will. I love this concept! Hope you will visit her site The Green Hanger Shop.Com

I'm very glad it's Friday...was this really a 'short' week? Have a stack of orders to process, so I'll be in the basement all weekend....send me some love.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come on Baby Paul

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Baby Paul. He is due around the 25th, but his Mom wishes he would come yesterday! Maybe he's been waiting for his slacker 'Susie Mama' (me) to make him some cute baby's the first installment. Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Giveaway clutch

Giveaway Clutch for 'Life of a Southern Bell'

Bag for the traveling shoes

Finished these two items this evening...the 100th Post Giveaway Clutch and a snappy shoe bag. My wonderful postman, LG, will pick up the packages at my back door & get them on their way...if you mail packages and haven't used USPS Click-n-ship, you thing since sliced bread! WooHoo for never going to the Post Office again!!!
Now it's time for bed! Sweet dreams

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Absent without leave? or just crazy with back to school?...either way, I've neglected my blogging and miss it. Hopefully my body & mind will adjust and I will get back to normal soon...normal, really? Whatever that is. Our new early start time for school is kicking my butt...have to be at my duty post at 6:45am. I've always gotten to school early, but now that is on time...amazing how much difference 15 little minutes makes to us "I hate mornings people". Anyway, between school, trying to keep up in the basement and the new workout plan that hubby & I are doing together, I'm going to bed exhausted every night and back to living for the weekends!

I've also neglected to take pictures of projects but remembered to snap this one before shipping out this cute Tooth Pirate Pillow.
The pillow has a back pocket for the tooth and the 'loot'. I also make a girl version with a whimsical tooth fairy design.
Hope you are having a great week...tomorrow is hump day!