Monday, December 12, 2011

So not ready...

Where are the elves?!?!? it's beyond bonkers in the Basement.

Seven more days 'til 'Winter Break' starts....what happened to getting out of school in time to actually get ready for the holiday?!?!? My wonderful husband did put out the wreaths & swags yesterday and set up the tree. It has lights, but no decorations {did I wrote this same post last year?!?!}. A few gifts have been purchased (thank goodness for Internet shopping, USPS, UPS & FedX!!!) but nothing is wrapped yet. Cards are signed, but not addressed or stamped and certainly not mailed. I've invited folks for meals, but haven't planned a menu or shopped for food, much less cleaned the house or baked the first cookie! I don't have a clue where that Christmas china is. Bottom line, I'm sooo not ready for 'bout you?