Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun Stuff

It's finally Spring Break and I'm busy making some fun stuff...bikini bags with animals instead of bikinis, koozies for a girl's beach trip....Hmmm, a beach trip would be fun! Actually, just being at home and working in the Basement is my favorite vacation!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is the dress that College Daughter worn on the first day of school when she entered 1st grade....hand-smocked by me with soooo much love....she was precious! Still is. Today she came home and we worked on addressing college graduation announcements and decorating the top of her mortarboard (a tradition at UNC-C). Such a fun day, yet so bittersweet. Where have the years gone? My adorable, toothless 1st grader is a soon-to-be college honor graduate. (By the way, she needs a job, if anyone out there knows of something in the Public Health field please let us know!) I feel old.

Happy Easter...hope the bunny is good to you!
PS...I am officially on Spring Break....Whoopee!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We paid our taxes rant!

So tomorrow is the deadline to file taxes. In our case, it also means sending in a big fat check. It doesn't matter that we paid the highest possible withholding all year. We still owe more. Now, we live a modest life. I am a teacher and my husband is an engineer. Our income isn't even in the neighborhood of that magical $250,000 that everyone talks so much about. We live in an unpretentious, 25 yr. old home and I drive a 13 yr. old Camry. We have some nice 'toys', but we aren't extravagant and we WORKED & EARNED all we have. We have always paid our bills, saved, educated our children and taught them to be self reliant. We believe in personal responsibility. We understand that paying taxes is one of our obligations as citizens...but not 28% of our income. Yes, 28%! And today I read that the average ultra rich pay only 17%...what?!?!? How does that work?!?!? I know how it works and it stinks! Then there are those who count on public assistance as their main substance and they get a refund!?!?! even though they haven't earned or paid in a dime into the system and may not even be in our country legally. What the....!!! Our government is messed up and I am so sick of it! And the icing on the cake is that we don't have any say in how the money is spent wasted. Check out this article, it's appalling to see it in print. Every politician claims that education is important, yet less than 3% of our tax dollars are spent on education. We spend more keeping down a huge segment of our population with public programs...welfare, Medicaid, public housing...I call it modern slavery, which surely isn't politically correct. So what?...the truth hurts. I believe it's time for some 'teach a man to fish...'. How will the US sustain this? Why would anyone want to stay on our current collision course? The values and priorities of the government are certainly different than mine. Thanks for letting me rant....wish it had made me feel better. My apologizes if my comments have offended anyone.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break

It is only Wednesday. I'm tired and need a break....more than just a weekend. We have not had Spring Break yet...will not until the week AFTER Easter...I'm beginning to think of it as of a pre-summer break. Who plans these calenders?!?! Eleven weeks without a day off. Non-teacher types won't understand that. Teacher types...y'all send me some "Bless Your Heart" 's and please pray that I don't kill hurt a sassy teenager before April 22. Picked up these nifty little frozen pouches at the grocery store this afternoon. Have you tried them? Yummy and Oh-so-easy!...no measuring, no blender, no mess...such a treat! Hopefully it'll sweeten me up a little or at least I'll get a good nights sleep!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm home alone today, working in the Basement....everyone wants bikini bags this week. Hubby has gone to the lake to work on pier (project entering it's 4th year-no point, just thought I'd mention that). Anyway, noticed it was after 2 and I hadn't eaten. Lunch was two chocolate graham crackers with crunchy peanut butter...how's that for healthy eating?!?! Guess I'll start that diet tomorrow...actually Monday is usually a better start day for me. Gracious! someone just shoot me! Enjoy your Saturday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just waiting for Hubby to get home. I keep hearing planes fly over, but none of them are landing! Or is that someone is mowing? Anyway, there was some minor damage to plane after all...apparently a flying porta-john dinged a wing and broke off the radio antennas. Is that a great story or what?!?! He had it (the plane) inspected and deemed safe to fly home. Hopefully he will be here soon...this waiting is awful.

This is what I finished in the Basement today. The matching shirts are actually a mistake. Jack asked for a helicopter and I was going to do just a 'P' for Paul with the same fabric, but I put the wrong size shirt on the machine first. Glad I caught it before the name stitched out. I really like the bikini bag with the flip flops. And the 'A' shirt is a new alphabet 'Bloomin'...really cute! Need to get it posted on the website. There's still time to get Easter orders in, but please don't wait too much longer. We have sunshine today, but it breezy and cool. Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend.