Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ultimate Carry All

Something new from the Basement...this amazing tote is huge! Think tailgating, beach/pool, craft storage, traveling, pot luck dinners, gift giving basket...soooo many possibilities. It's available in several fabrics and can be embroidered with initials or designs. You NEED one of these!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Suzalee

The book was good. I liked the movie better!

My childhood maid was Suzalee.
She called me Miss Susan and I loved her dearly.

There is a scene in the movie were one of the characters has a flash back of her beloved maid combing her hair. That trigger one of my fondest memories of Suzalee. I used to beg her to fix my hair like hers (corn rows)...impossible since my hair was super fine and cut in a pixie. Finally, one day she did it. It took hours. I probably looked like a 'crackhead' porcupine with a million multi-colored rubber bands and sprigs of hair sticking out everywhere. She must have been 'cussin' up a storm in her head, but I was sooo proud of that 'new do' and cried unconscionably when it all came undone.

PS...for months I have been unable to leave comments on other blogs...anyone else experiences this problem?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Matching Shoe & Bikini Bags

Working late tonight so we can take off for a long weekend at the lake. IF we don't get rained out, I plan to spend two days in the hammock reading The Help (can't wait to see movie as well) and being as lazy as humanly possible. Just finished this matching shoe & bikini the green and purple combo! Y'all have a wonderful Labor Day!