Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is this a problem?

You've heard me say it....I'm not a shopper. At least not a 'go to the store' kind of shopper. So I will admit to you that I love online shopping. It's just so wonderful to buy almost anything via my trusty computer, right here from the hermitage of the Basement. Not to mention the convenience...just click and within days, it's delivered to my door. Of course, most of my purchases are business related...ribbon, fabric, pre-made bags and other supplies. I can't resist all things black & white and hounds tooth is a favorite right now. Look what came today...fabulous fabric! The elephant print and blk/white hounds tooth plus a little red rick rack will become a pillow case top for Hanna to wear to the Alabama vs. South Carolina game (all of a sudden she is 'Bama' fan. wonder if that has anything to do with a new love interest?). The green/white dandelion prints are for window treatments in Rach's new apartment. She has a green/white hounds tooth sofa (what can I say? "apples don't fall far from the tree') and this fabric will make fun, whimsical valances & throw pillows. The orange/white hounds tooth would make an adorable clutch bag for some dedicated Clemson or Tennessee fan...Belle? Preppy? I'm thinking 'bout you girls!
I stayed home today with a nasty tummy thing and the arrival of this beautiful fabric has me feeling better already! (drinking the bottle of pink stuff probably helped too)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still here

Towels & Totes

Life is very busy. School is good, business is good, family is good. Nothing overly exciting happening here. I'm so ready for fall and cooler temperatures. We finally got a tiny bit of much needed rain last night, loved the thunder & lightening and am praying for more today. We are home this weekend and I'm almost caught up on orders. Been a little negligent about taking pictures, but did snap this one of these adorable towels and matching totes.

There's still time to place orders for Fall/Halloween Cutees.

If you are already thinking about Christmas, remember I have some really great personalized gift ideas that won't break the bank. Y'all come on down to The Basement and order (lots of) presents. ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time crunch

Not much time to talk 'cause my weekend was mega busy and I'm just too tired. Went to SC to visit Mama & brother (had a really nice time!). Also managed to finished 9 items on the Basement list. The duffle is for my friend Heather. She plans to use it for her 'going to the hospital bag', first baby coming soon! She and Hubby are stationed in Germany...both wonderful American soliders...hugs and thanks to them.
Orange was evidently the color of the week. Daughter Rach is a PC Grad, so we weren't too happy that Clemson beat up on the poor Blue Hose so badly...the things colleges will do for publicity! Pa says that Clemson will find out how it feels next week when they go up against the other orange Tigers...I just make the bags, y'all!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


We are at the lake for the long Labor Day weekend. It is beautiful! Weather is picture perfect...sunny, but not too hot, nice breeze, cool evenings. After the long husband was out of town too hot to go outside summer and then the hectic back to school reality, this weekend is a welcome break. We are sleeping late, eating too much, lazing in the hammock, floating on the water...I love weekends like this. However, I really wish there was another me at home sewing and a third me in Durham helping Rach move into her new apartment. On second thought...the world really doesn't needs three of me. So, I'll stay up late next week sewing and go to Durham next weekend to 'touch' everything in the new apartment.
Hope you have a safe & fun holiday.