Saturday, October 24, 2009

They're back!

Hot flashes, irritability, memory loss, night sweats....menopause symptoms! I've lived through adolescence (mine & the girls!) wild college days (again, mine & theirs!), 28 hrs. of HARD labor, an unhappy marriage, excessive weight gain (and loss and regain), single parenthood, financial difficulties, and I swear right now menopause feels like the plague to end all others. It got really bad this summer. So after lots of research, a few trials with home & OTC remedies I finally decided to try a mild antidepressant. We are not strangers to psycho-girl drugs in our house and they have helped us maneuver through some tough times. Since mid-August the meds seemed to be doing the trick and symptoms were much better...until this past week...and now they're back with a vengeance. I'd love to hear about your experiences, especially coping mechanisms, if you are living with this special life event. And we thought menstrual cramps were the curse. Ha!
I've got lots of work to do in the basement, but think I'll take part of the day off and go to 'Christmas Made in the South'...check out the competition. Y'all have a great weekend.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haven't left ...

.. the house all weekend. Actually don't think I've been outside since arriving home Friday after school. We've had no visitors. I've done no housework, except a few loads of laundry which need to be put away. I've cooked only one meal. But I've been busy in the basement! Check out these super personalized gifts, all under $20!
Child Tote Bags

Checkbook covers

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Show us what you make

Clutch Bags for Bridesmaids

Over at Kelly's Korner, her post yesterday was 'show us what you make' and there are some fabulous sites (over 400) full of handmade goodies. Check it out, but come on back to Basement Bags for the real cute stuff! Speaking of, here's some of what I made this week....

It's wonderfully 'fallish' here it. Sleeping late this morning was heavenly! Paul is doing great, although we
still don't know the cause of his sickness. I have several fun projects to work on and look forward to sharing when they are finished.
Hope y'all have something fun planned for the weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thinking Christmas yet?

I know some of you are already shopping for Christmas ... heck, so of you may be FINISHED shopping for Christmas!!! For those of you that are still in the 'planning' stages...hope you'll remember all the fabulous, reasonably priced items at Basement Bags.

I just reduced the price of monogrammed slippers to only $ that's a deal! a stinkin' cute personalized gift for less than twenty bucks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good news

Paul got to come home today. Yeah!!! They put in a PICC line so he could get IV meds at home while we continue to wait for test results. He looks great and his Mom & Dad are so happy to be home. I know big brother Jack is also glad that they are all together for the first time in almost two weeks. Thanks again for all of your prayers and well wishes. In a situation like this one doesn't think about the cost until everything settles doubt it will be staggering.....guess we shouldn't worry about it. Just heard 'they' voted and passes the first bill on Obamacare. I'm sure they will take care of us good ole working middle class folks and our medical needs.
Raise your hand if you believe that.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby update, beauty products and compacts

First, thanks for all of your concerns and prayers. Your well wishes mean so much to us. We still don't have a firm diagnosis. Maybe a viral infection, maybe a metabolic disorder...test results aren't all in and more test have been ordered. Paul was moved to the main hospital in Charlotte yesterday...bigger facility, more specialists, parents feel good about the change. We are hoping for some answers the meantime, please continue to keep us in your thoughts.

Wanted to share my new favorite beauty product. Clinique Even Better Moisture and foundation. I had been using a very expensive glycolic acid
skin care line and just didn't feel like I was getting enough 'bang for my buck'. A few months ago, when it was time for new foundation, I got the Even Better and almost immediately noticed improvement. I decided to try the moisture. In just a few short weeks my skin is smoother and more even toned than in years. Hubby even noticed without being prompted! And it's much more affordable than the other stuff, that alone makes me feel better.

I love repeat customers! Makes me feel like they really appreciate my work. Last year Molly ordered cosmetic bags for the girls on her cheer leading and white polka dot with red monogram. This year she ordered them matching compacts. Too cute!
Happy weekend y'all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Paul has been in PICU since Sunday night and they are still doing test. Hopefully we will have a definite diagnosis by tomorrow. They believe he has one of the TORCH infections and are working to pinpoint which virus is making him sick. He will be hospitalized until the virus is no longer active...could be a month or more. We got to visit today... I was able to hold & feed him and he was responsive. His Mom said he'd had a good day and that he was more alert this afternoon than he'd been. Our precious baby is not out of the woods yet, but we are encouraged that he will continue to improve. The doctors & nurses have been wonderful and we are confident that they are doing everything possible to take care of Paul. Please keep us in your thought.

As life takes us down this bumpy side road, I have to reminded myself that things happen for a reason, to have faith that we will understand those reasons, and hope we have the courage to rise to the occasion. Business has been slow for the past few weeks, which usually worries me, but with the events of the last month, the extra time is a Godsend. I did finish this set of burps and matching bib.

I'm loving the fall weather, it's my favorite time of year. Hope life is being good to you this week!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rough Start

This is week three in the life of our new baby Paul and unfortunately it's been a rough start. First week his Mom ended up at the ER, then the OR for a D & C. Second week she got mastitis....been there, done that and in my opinion it's one of the worse of the 'female things'. Then 2am Sat. morning we got a call to come stay with 2 yrs. old big brother Jack, they had to rush baby Paul to hospital. He had been extremely fussy and had high fever. He is still in the hospital and we are waiting for test results. Poor baby had a 'full work up' which included a Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap). They are thinking it's some type of viral infection and he's improving but it's scary for the little guy to be so sick. In this situation my maternal instinct to 'fix everything' leaves me feeling useless and frustrated. Luckily we have lots of family here that have pitched in to help. Jack has been wonderful, but taking care of a toddler wears me out! Please keep Paul and his parents in your thoughts. Hopefully when this passes we will have all sweet sunshine and fluffy teddy bears.