Sunday, January 17, 2010


Germs are apparently in the air at our house. Thanks for sharing, Honey! We were unspeakably lazy yesterday for the sole purpose of self-preservation, you know, allowing our bodies to 'fight' the invaders...yeah, right? I do not remember the last time that I did absolutely nothing for an entire day, but it was nice. Of course today & tomorrow I'll be playing catch up to get orders out. Thanks MLK for your life's work and a day off!
Just finished this Tooth Fairy Pillow, cute huh? It's going to the youngest of three daughters. The Mom 'assigned' each girl a color at birth: pink, purple & lime. Everything each girl has is in her assigned color, cloths, cups, toys...she says it keeps her organized and eliminates arguments between the girls about what belongs to who. Moms are so cleaver! Love it when they share these stories with me.
There's still plenty of time to order treats for Valentines' Day. Check out the cute applique designs that can be stitched on CuTees, burps & bibs, kitchen towels, cosmetic & tote bags...just email me with your request.

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  1. Your workmanship is outstanding. Cute, cute pillow!! xoxo