Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Suzalee

The book was good. I liked the movie better!

My childhood maid was Suzalee.
She called me Miss Susan and I loved her dearly.

There is a scene in the movie were one of the characters has a flash back of her beloved maid combing her hair. That trigger one of my fondest memories of Suzalee. I used to beg her to fix my hair like hers (corn rows)...impossible since my hair was super fine and cut in a pixie. Finally, one day she did it. It took hours. I probably looked like a 'crackhead' porcupine with a million multi-colored rubber bands and sprigs of hair sticking out everywhere. She must have been 'cussin' up a storm in her head, but I was sooo proud of that 'new do' and cried unconscionably when it all came undone.

PS...for months I have been unable to leave comments on other blogs...anyone else experiences this problem?

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