Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break & a New Toy

Bernina Sewing Machines

Been away so long...all is well, but nothing really blog worty happening...until today. I am uber happy about two things right now...Spring Break this week and my new sewing machine! In 1987, Santa brought me a Bernina 1130. It was their first computerized model and a fabulous machine. Would love to know how many hours are on that motor. It's still a great machine and I'm definitely an 'if it ain't broke..." kinda girl, but it was just time. Been thinking about a new machine for a couple of years, but honestly, I don't like change and I'm cheap frugal. Finally bought a B530 yesterday {where's Santa when you really need him?!?!}. OMG! what an amazing machine! perfect stitches and so quiet & smooth running...it was time. My equally amazing husband made a custom insert so the new machine fits in the old cabinet...I am such a lucky girl. No doubt how I'll be spending most of my Spring Break!

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