Friday, February 20, 2009

Ready, set, .... wait!

Gracious, the 'go' part has eluded me this week. One reason (excuse) is it's been one of those unusually busy weeks...lots of extra stuff, Open House, appointments, blah, blah, blah...a couple of days I stayed in my 'school cloths' until bedtime! But the main reason (excuse) is that I don't want to be get the basement messy....isn't that the craziest thing? Fixed up this fabulous work space and now I don't want to work...I love just sitting here taking it all in. Unfortunately the 'honeymoon' ends right now...thanks to my wonderful customers, there is a stack of orders on the 'new' table that I have to get busy with. Hopefull I'll have good pics of a productive weekend to share. Forecast is calling for a cold & rainy weekend, so being 'down under' won't be so bad, especially since I have these sunny yellow walls all around me. Hope you have some kind of sunshine in your weekend.
BTW...for anyone keeping track...WW update...-12.8 and subtracting!!!!

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