Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Face Lift

This face lift started with "D, I need a file cabinet" and voila!...face lift! Words can not express how excited I am about my new 'Basement Bags' space. D and I have just laughed at these before & after photos...we didn't realize how bad it looked! After all it was just a basement...hand-me downs, jerry-ridged, the K-Mart shelves and hodge-podge this & that was fine. However, as my business has grown and we spend more and more time 'underground' it really was time to freshen up a bit. D has been a great sport about this, unfortunately he lost lots of space in the transformation...but we aren't finished...he is getting a new table and we'll be adding more shelves on his side. No doubt there will be more additions and some tweaking as we work to get it all just right. I think we are both amazed that we did it all in one day! Of course, we were tired puppies when we went to bed at 1AM... unheard of for us! We'll tackle the rest of the basement in phases...more paint, new floor covering...more storage. I gotta get busy embroidering & bills to pay!

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  1. Just stumbled on your blog and think it's adorable! I love your blogs! Congrats on the new work space!