Sunday, April 18, 2010

New bag, old brain

This new polka dot lunch bag is just too cute! It's the newest bag available from the basement. New bag, old brain? glad you asked. I was exchanging email with my brother on Friday & said I'd see him next weekend. He replied that Mama told him that we were coming this weekend and that he'd have to watch her/get her to write things down because she was beginning to get things confused. Low & behold! it's not Mama who's confused it's ME! I completely mixed up the dates...just like two weeks ago when I forgot about the promise to 'dog sit'...bless my heart, my brain is shot! At least the remembering part of it. So anyway, we flew down yesterday and enjoyed a short visit. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I'll be playing catch up with orders the rest of the week, so hang tight if you are expecting a's coming soon, pinkie swear!
I am angry a little disappointed that the house cleaning/laundry doing/grass cutting fairies didn't come while we were away...just can't find a goof fairy these days!


  1. Your new bag is cute. Those fairies haven't found my house yet either. I have not accomplished much this weekend, but hey, I guess we need some down time every now and then. Right? I am on vacation this week. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. LOVE that bag!!!! So so cute! :)

    Don't feel bad. I forget things ALL the time. It's pretty ridiculous sometimes.

  3. I gave the new mommy the onesie yesterday and she absolutely loved it. xoxo