Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Designs

Here in the Basement, there can never be too much fabric & ribbon or too many cute embroidery/applique' designs. There are so many talented digitizers out there. Many of them are SAHM/WAHMs (I want to be one of those!) and it feels great to support their businesses. What a win/win!...sales for them, adorable designs for me & my customers. The soccer ball and snail came from Applique' Cafe. More cuteness using their designs coming soon!
My vacation week has been good. Made a quick trip to SC to see Mom. Nice visit. Of course, that always means a stop at Mary Jo's Fabric's like fabric heaven! Wish I could have one yard of everything! I did an excellent job of containing myself and came out with just one small big ass bag of fabric.
Durham Daughter is passing through this way tonight...we're off for a 'Mexican Date' and then we are 'dog sitting' for the rest of the weekend. She is visiting a high school buddy that is in Vet school in AL. I'm sure I don't want to know how much fun they will have!
Only one more day to get your name on the Giveaway list...don't forget to enter!


  1. Mary Jo's is like heaven on earth! I grew up in Charlotte and use to go there with my mom. I still live in NC but not quite as close. Nothing like it!!!

  2. Mary Jo's is heaven. I always get in trouble when I go down there. I want everything I see. LOL! Glad you got some great stuff. Love & blessings from NC!