Sunday, May 16, 2010

Screamin' kids & cell phones

If you are a regular reader you know that I'm not a shopper and here are two more reasons for my list of why the world of retail is not my favorite place.
  1. Screamin' kids
  2. people talking on cell phones
I went into three stores on Friday and in each store my senses were assaulted by the constant screaming of children and people blabbing non-stop on cell phones.
Mothers, learn how to control your children, please! My daughters never acted like that in public...well, maybe ONCE! I do not know how the mothers stand it and how inconsiderate to us innocents that have to be exposed to it. Take the kids home! Don't take them to the store if they are tired or sick or hungry...use some common sense! Stop yelling at them. And for heaven's sakes stop 'warning' them over and over! It is your job to run the show, not be run over by your children. Tell them what you expect, give them a consequence and then do it! Yes, your children will be unhappy temporarily, but the rest of us will thank you! and you will be thankful one day that you took charge while they were still young and trainable!
And lastly, get off of the damn darn phone American! It is rude to carry on a conversation in public, period.
Now, to end on a more pleasant note....aren't these quilted totes great?!?! Both of these were ordered for graduation gifts. I use one for my 'school bag''s huge....holds all of my papers,a lunch bag and sometimes even my purse! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Think there are 14 regular, 4 exam and 2 work days between me & summer vacation. Wahooo...light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I love it! My 6 year old is TOTALLY on the countdown too! :)

    I blogged about you and my prize the other day! I put a pic up on my blog.

    Also...which is bigger this quilted tote or your bag of the month bag?

  2. So excited for you to be getting some vaca!! More time in the basement ;-) xoxo

  3. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!