Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So close...

Just two more days of school (for retesting), Graduation on Saturday, then a couple of work days....we are so close to summer vacation I can taste it ! My students have, once again, made me extremely proud...100% level 1!!!...lowest exam grade was 83! I could do a whole post about the problems in public education, but I'd rather concentrate on the good stuff. My students, all they learned, how they matured, the skills they acquired & projects they completed and these test results overshadow any question that what I'm doing everyday is valuable . It is so rewarding to finish another school year feeling like I did something very good.
This was year #29 for me...Bless my heart! no wonder I'm tired!

These matching shoe/cosmetic bags left the basement today bound for a Sept. wedding party...love the Brides that plan ahead! Also love the classic toile fabric.

And to finish up:
lost one more pound
got new walking shoes today (yes y'all, they are white!)
Land's End bathing suits arrived, they fit beautifully
it's bedtime here... 'Nite!

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