Monday, January 17, 2011

Whatever you are doing today.... has to be better than this! Holes in the ceiling, holes in the walls, vanity in the bedroom (sigh!). Our house is being re-plumbed today...Yea! for new pipes and no more leaks...Boo! for messed up house and mega-thinning of the wallet! I know many normal women would be excited and use this as an excuse to re-decorate the whole house. Another testaments to my 'abnormalness'...I love our house and plan for it to stay the same forever! Well, that WAS the plan. We'll see if those paint guys can match 10 year old hunter green and periwinkle. Ha!

With all this going on my only defense is to stay in the Basement and make cute stuff!
I think we are going back to school tomorrow. After evelen days (weekends included) off, it will be a challenge to do it.


  1. I wish I could feel sorry for you, but, well, I don' At least yours has an end in sight!

  2. Oh that t-shirt is percious! Love it! xoxo

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