Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hourglass or Fruit?

From age 10 to about 25, I made almost all of my clothes, everything from suits to wedding dress. When my girls were little, I made most of their clothes, including hundreds of hand-smocked outfits. After having children, there just not enough time to sew for myself and them (they were so much cuter!) and my changed figure was a bit challenging to 'fit'. I guess gaining 60 lbs. during first pregnancy and 40 during second will do that to a body. Today I decided to make myself a skirt and am sorely disappointed with the results. Evidently, I forgot that selecting a pattern based on the pictures is sort of like taking a photo into your stylist for a new hair cut ... it usually doesn't end up looking the same.

First of all, as mentioned, my figure is a problem. My husband would say the problem is that I eat too much, don't exercise enough and have no willpower. Whatever! Let's talk about figures, well, actually body proportions. Remember 36-24-36? that perfect Barbie doll figure...the hourglass shape they say we are suppose to have. Well, it ain't happening for the majority of us. So in reality what we should really try for is a well proportioned in which the bust and hips are the same measurement and the waist is 9" - 12" smaller. Yeah, good luck with that one too if you've even been pregnant, are over 50 or enjoy life even a little bit. If we aren't hourglasses, then we are some kind of fruit: apple, pear or banana....banana?!?!?! that means rectangle shaped...waist is less than 7" smaller than bust/hips. That would be me...a big ole' banana! Looking at 'Susie' (my 'twin' dress form) is much like having your picture taken, but somehow much more personal...a life-sized banana shape me right in my face!...Oh, my! I haven't added the 10 (alright, 15!) winter pounds to Susie and although the skirt looks alright on her...not so much on me. She needs some fluff! Anyway, back to sewing...most patterns are designed to fit hourglasses and as talented a seamstress as I am...I'm terrible at altering patterns...totally different skill. I should have learned.

Second, I picked the wrong fabric (pique) which the pattern suggested, but it's too stiff. It just doesn't 'drape' and the hem pokes out, which isn't at all flattering to us bananas! Oh, well, the sewing was fun!

Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. I have never had luck making anything for myself. I'm talking about even when I was 20 years old and had "that" shape. So, from now on you can sew, smock for my future grand ;-). Have a great weekend! XOXO

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