Saturday, March 5, 2011

In a flash....

Fortunately this week went by in a flash, however it's not going down in history as one of our best.

Hubby's birthday was Tuesday...had all intentions of posting about how wonderful he is and how lucky I am that he is in my life but the week was full of distractions.

  • I had a meeting Monday afternoon
  • My car was in the shop
  • I had open house on Tuesday night
  • Hubby had a car issue too, we actually shared a ride on Wed., which was sort of nice except for those extra hours that I stayed at school until he picked me up
  • We had taxes done on Tuesday and even though we paid the highest possible withholding all year, we still owe our rotten, greedy, wasteful government mega $$...very disheartening...makes me really re-think this whole be responsible, hard work, have a job & run a business, pay your bills, save & invest to get ahead American dream stuff!
  • Durham daughter and dog came home last night, she's gone on to SC, I'm dog sitting and sewing
  • messed up two t-shirts this morning, can we say too tired?
  • it's gloomy outside and my mood matches the weather ... tomorrow is another day, gotta get better! pleezeeeeee


  1. Sorry it was a rough week!

    Hey, do you do the baby tee shirts or onesies with a *tie* on them?

  2. Hope next week is much better!! Love my grand's goodies on your blog :-) xoxo

  3. It was a rough week here too. Hubby totalled my car on his way home from a golf trip. At least the state police ruled the accident the sole responsibility of the other driver. Here's hoping we both have better weeks this week.

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