Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Wonderful Husband, an old friend, & randomisity

Warning: sort of a random, ramblin' post...stick with me.
Friday an old friend from 'home' called and said she was in the area for the weekend. Yesterday evening my wonderful husband drove me over to see her. Yes, I can drive, just don't like to. We had a short, but very nice visit. We taught together and haven't seen each other in 10+ yrs. She is such a lovely person and I'm so glad she called. On the way home we stopped at Chick-fil-a because the Peppermint-Chocolate Chip Milkshake is back! One of my favorite least it used to be. Even though wonderful husband frets about my weight and lack of will power, he allowed me the indulgence without criticizing. Think he was, however, quite satisfied that it gave me a terrible tummy ache! maybe {hopefully} I won't be tempted to buy so many of them this season.

I like to cook, do laundry, cut grass, love to sew & read, but house cleaning is not my favorite thing. My girls say I was OCD about it when they were growing up. Maybe. Don't think anyone would say that now. Honestly, our house is neat, nicely decorated, clutter free and probably cleaner than most. Really what does a little few inches of dust hurt!?!?! Anyway, it's getting busy in the basement, so I told wonderful husband last night that we needed to clean today...he said "I'll vacuum and dust if you'll do the bathrooms"....I'm good with that. Then when I checked email this morning there was an order for 18 shoe bags. Yippee!!! I got busy checking supplies, emailing, checking details and getting other orders started so I wouldn't get too far behind. Next thing you know, it's three hours later and I realize that wonderful husband has been upstairs cleaning the whole time! Moving furniture, vacuuming everything, taking silk plants outside and blowing them off, cleaning out drawers, cleaning bathroom! and NO you can not have him!!! I appreciate his help so much, but it also makes me feel guilty 'cause I really do believe those are my jobs....yeah, I know, ole fashioned, but that's how we roll around here. I will be doing something extra special for him. {as soon as the Christmas order rush is over}

Isaac's Sweet Grandmother is at it again (Thanks, Gina!). Below are a couple of shirts she ordered for him. He will be tooooo cute!

I'm off to do my part now...clean the bathrooms, put away laundry, iron and maybe I'll still have time to stitch out some more cuteness before bedtime.
Hope Y'all have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes, husband is a keeper, but so are YOU! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! XOXO

  2. Aren't helpful husbands the most wonderful thing?

    I think new brides need to put it somewhere in the vows that their husband will help out with cleaning when things get busy.

    YOu and I are blessed!

    Love your handiwork; you're really talented.

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