Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wish list....

Did you have one of these? Singer's SewHandy was one of the most popular 'girl' toys for almost 60 years. Most of the machines were black but they made several limited edition models in red, blue and tan...mine was exactly like the photo above. My childhood treasure somehow got misplaced and I regret not understanding the importance of it at the time. Oh, I knew how much fun it was and probably even realized it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. However, I didn't think about it as a valuable collectors item or what an intricate piece of my personal history it was until 50 years later. So now I'm on the hunt for's tops on my wish list. Even though mine is gone, it would still be wonderful to have one. I'm watching one on EBay...keep your fingers crossed that I win it and PLEASE don't bid against me.

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