Sunday, March 8, 2009

Church bag

Did someone say we are in a recession? Basement Bags has been a one woman 'economic stimulus plan' this past month-without government bail out money no less!
First the basement 'face lift' and then yesterday I went totally bonkers and finally bought a new embroidery machine. I'm an emotional wreck, such a huge decision. You see, although I love having nice equipment and supplies, I hate spending money! I am serious about my little business, but still consider it a 'profitable hobby'. I've been looking at this machine for almost 2 yrs....pricing it, researching it, watching YouTube video demonstrations, chatting with other small business's just intimidating to buying the machine was saying 'you are doing this business stuff for real now'. I'm thrilled because with the new machines, my monogramming capability has increased tremendously. I can now do pre-made totes, lunch bags, hats...almost anything! Such ambivilance! Hurry summer vacation so I can really learn how to use this wonderful new machine! I stitched up this 'church bag'....just playing around-design could be larger, will take some practice to get everything just right. What do you think?

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