Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nip, but no tuck

So the gall badder won and was removed on Thursday. Surgery went well. Other than the terribly bloated abdomen (which they say is normal) and the wobblier-than-usual head, I'm recovering nicely. To my disappointment the surgeon forget to do the lipo, tummy tuck and face lift...oh, well! we'll, save that for another day.
Made this precious jon-jon for baby Jack yesterday while I was 'resting'. The picture is not great, one day I will master the camera! These cute airplanes are one of my new embroidery designs and fonts, hope you'll visit BasementBags to see them all.
March is a big b'day month in our family. We're having our last of what seems like weekly parties today. Rach will be 25 tomorrow...that makes me feel old as dirt! Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Hope that you feel better soon! I would definitely ask for your money back since they forgot to do the tummy tuck-haha!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait for him to sport it this summer...may have to slap a turtleneck under it and wear it this week! He's at church with his Mimi right back to work for me!

  3. Def. hope you feel better soon!! But I probably wouldn't use this surgeon again since he forgot to do several of your procedures - i.e. facelift, tummy tuck. This monogram is darling!! I love it!! xoxo