Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh, joy!

Did I enjoy the day off? Maybe not so much since getting the call that we will make up the time on Saturday! But honestly...1/2 a day on Sat. vs. whole day of Spring break....gotta vote with our 'leader' on this one. And I really did enjoy doing the 'SuSu' (that's Grandmother at our house) thing today, so I'm not complaining. The four-day weekend sure spoiled me, could definitely get used to this schedule. I've always thought switching the allotment of days in the week and weekend would be a great idea....work two days, have five off...now that's a schedule!

Some of you might be wondering what happened to my WW updates, still on 'the plan', have just forgotten to share. I'm down 14.2 lbs!!! Feels good.

Sent out this purse & checkbook cover this morning (click pic to enlarge). Thank heavens for USPS click-n-ship and carrier pickup! My local guys do a fabulous job and are greatly appreciated.

Ya'll have a great evening now!


  1. Hmmm...2 days on, 5 days off...sounds like someone's schedule that we know!

  2. Ohh!! Susan!! I... think... I WANT ANOTHER PURSE!!! You are so talented! I was bragging about your bags today! I tried to hop on the net at work today to show them the purses I've ordered from you! No luck. I did give them your website! My internet has been dragging butt lately. I have no idea if you got my yahoo email... but that address is ok! :D Thank you so much!!

    Oh, I have 2 more pregnant friends!! Just waiting for the sexes!! :D

  3. Hey Heather...you are too cute! Send me the specs and ANOTHER bag can be yours! A girl can never have too many purses. You are the best! Take care.