Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Right Tools

The "Rachie Clutch" is one of my best selling bags, but one of the most frustrating to make...until now! The sewing part is a snap, but attaching the bag to the frame has resulted in the muttering of many 'ugly' words. However, as with most tasks, having the right tools makes the job a breeze. After some research and web-shopping, I found a couple of purse-making tools (one is actually called a purse making tool) and some kick-ass (pardon me!) glue. I'm thrilled with these experimental bags that I made this morning. Don't you love the new frames with the extra large ball clasp? So very trendy! During the web-shopping couldn't help noticing, again ,that my bags are soooo reasonably priced compared to many out there. Clutches just like mine (minus the monogram) for $50-75?!?! Would be interesting to know how many they really sale. I know there are lots of people that think a high price tag automatically means better products. And some of those same people love to throw around brand and store names. Whatever floats your boat...guess it's cool to have the same thing hundreds of other people have. Still I'd put a Basement Bag up against any out there for quality, price and customer service. I can say that with confidence 'cause I know the owner. ;)

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  1. Love it! You know, someone else I know throws around that saying about having the right's costs me a lot of money ;). Gonna shovel more dirt today, swing by and bring your shovel - it's a great workout.