Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School's out for summer....

Don't even know how to spell/type words to express how excited I was when that last bell rang at 11:00...finally, summer vacation! I had some wonderful students this semester, their projects were amazing and I will miss them. Overall test scores - 97% proficient!!! Don't meant to sound boastful, but that's good ya'll...real good! Love what I do, but I am sooooo very happy for a break. 'Course I've got several weeks worth of BB work 'on the table' so it's not likely that I'll get too lazy over the next 8 weeks.


  1. Dang skippy 97% proficiency is beyond good! Way to go -- you should celebrate!! Enjoy your much deserved summer break!

  2. Hope you are having a good summer!! 97% is AWESOME!!! Way to go :o)