Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The beginning

Yesterday I made this 'Chocolate Dots' purse. Cute, huh? Would you ever guess that it's made out of a placemat? Yes, one like you use on the dinner table. They were uber popular several year ago. Matter of fact, placemat purses are what got me started in business. The original purses were simply monogrammed placemats with ribbon handles...cute, but a bit flimsy for my taste. So I added a lining with pocket, webbing (belting) or wooden handles, ribbon & bows & lots of other trims...the variations are endless! I made placemat purses for cheerleading teams, to match sports teams, for Red Hat Society groups, for teachers, nurses, and on & on. Wish I'd kept track of how many I've made in the past five years! Customers still order them, not as often as in the beginning, but I still love making them.
I'm off to the dentist today. I hate the dentist. Oh, don't get me wrong...I love clean teeth...just hate the process. My teeth are ultra sensitive so it hurts. But the bigger issue for me is the noise in a dentist office. Repetitive noises drive me insane! Like when hubby leaves the keys in the ignition, leaves the door open and then walks off...eek!...like scratching nails on a blackboard (for those of you who remember blackboards!) Anyway, you get my drift, I hate the noises. But for the sake of clean, healthy teeth I will endure the torture. Also have to pick up my new glasses today...hope they are decent since I picked them out after my eyes had been dilated.
Time to turn on the machines and get busy...lots of babies needing adorable bibs & burp cloths! I am going to miss my coffee/blogging time when school starts.


  1. I like how you changed your info to say "2.5 grandsons" although someone may be confused about how you have 1/2 a grandson...

  2. That purse is adorable.....and I'm with you that I HATE to go to the dentist. It usually involves lots of $$$. I'm taking my kids today, plus one has to go get a shot, so I'll be frequenting dr. offices today, too. I so enjoy seeing what projects you are working on. I will miss you blogging when school starts too!


  3. I love the purse. I really love the colors together. I don't love the dentist! I hate the sounds too.