Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good news

Paul got to come home today. Yeah!!! They put in a PICC line so he could get IV meds at home while we continue to wait for test results. He looks great and his Mom & Dad are so happy to be home. I know big brother Jack is also glad that they are all together for the first time in almost two weeks. Thanks again for all of your prayers and well wishes. In a situation like this one doesn't think about the cost until everything settles down...no doubt it will be staggering.....guess we shouldn't worry about it. Just heard 'they' voted and passes the first bill on Obamacare. I'm sure they will take care of us good ole working middle class folks and our medical needs.
Raise your hand if you believe that.


  1. Great news that baby could come home! That is very good news!


  2. We'll have a telethon if insurance doesn't pay...lol