Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just some of it...

Here is just some of what has left the basement in the last few days. A slide shows would be nice, huh? I need to learn how to do that! Anyway, enjoy. We are off for a movie date and it won't hurt my feelings if you order something while I'm out!
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Personalized Cosmetic Bags
Lime Green Tote


Slippers and more slippers!

Snazzy Pillowcases

Holiday Hand Towels

Another Green Tote
more monogrammed cosmetic bags!

Hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We had just the girls this year and it was so relaxed. Hopefully, we'll catch up with the rest of the family for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas...I've heard so many people say they were completely finished with decorating and shopping. Honestly, Christmas is not my favorite holiday, but I do sort of like preparing and celebrating during the month of the actual event. I just don't see the fun in getting ready for one holiday before the paint has dried on the previous one. I do know this time of year is fabulous for my favorite sport, people watching!
Have a super Saturday night, y'all!

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