Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This & that

I'm enjoying a second 'snow day' out of school and decided to make a post on this much neglected blog. This is really an uneventful time of year and there's not much news from the basement.
  • been suffering with a sinus/ear infection for weeks now, absolutely miserable!
  • my new students this semester are wonderful
  • my student teacher is fabulous...so young & enthusiastic
  • a SmartBoard was finally installed in my classroom last week...unbelievable!
  • lost 12 lbs. (that's 12 of the 20 that I lost & regained last year...geeze!)
  • wish I could work at home all the time
  • anxiously waiting for a new embroidery machine gadget 'the clamp' to arrive
  • January sales were surprisingly good...hugs to you awesome customers!
  • glad my Toyota isn't part of the recall, old cars are good for something ;)

That's it for now....hope you are staying safe & warm.


  1. So has your student teacher started teaching yet? I was SUPPOSED to take over my first class yesterday.... guess I'll do it tomorrow. :)

    Do you have anything you would suggest as a "teacher bag"? I'm looking for something to hold my notebooks and teacher edition books? Everything i find has short shoulder straps or isn't sturdy enough to actually last for a school year.

  2. A smartboard! Good for you. Some of our teachers are doing AMAZING things with their smartboards.