Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hugs & dishes....

Wonder how much money Hallmark earned this week? I did my part, I like this holiday.

Here's a cute story about one of my favorite Valentine's Day ... those of you who work in education or who have nosey 'front desk' personnel will probably relate to this one. The first Valentine's Day that Danny & I were a couple, he sent me roses. He had them delivered to school. Sweet, but totally unnecessary, I'm just not a 'give me flowers kinda girl'. Think he had been trained in his 'former' life that on special occasions flowers were expected and that they BETTER be sent to the work place for all to see...that's cool, all girls have their thing, flowers just aren't mine. Anyway... our relationship wasn't a secret, but not everyone knew I had a new 'someone special '. By the time I got to the office to pick up the flowers, there were no less than four or five sets of 'pin holes' in the card envelop where all the ladies in the front office had taken a peek to see who had sent me flowers. He had signed the card 'Hugs & dishes' (which was an inside joke between us) and I'm sure the ladies were totally frustrated by our 'code'. Ten years later he is STILL my 'someone special' and everyday with him is like Feb. 14. Hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Seems like everyone loves owls these days, even for babies...gotta admit this gift set turned out pretty cute!


  1. Sweet story! I would have at least tried to put the pin back in the original holes ;-) haha xoxo

  2. Cute story!! I'm with Preppy 101, you would have thought they could have put the pin back in the original holes. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! Love & blessings from NC!