Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not much to tell

Shower Gift: Burp cloths, Church Bag & Matching Bib

Has blogger world given me up for dead? I'm still here...just not much to tell.
This is my least favorite time of year. We've had too much yucky weather and it's been crazy cold and wet for sooo many days this year. I'm ready for sunshine and Spring. We got a little tease of it this weekend....too bad (but good too, always thankful for business) that I was stuck in the basement most of it.
Here's a few random things:
  • weight - down 22 lbs...wahoooo!!!....I'm 'bustin' slack, but not ready to buy new smaller pants yet....will I keep it off this time? hopefully. but honestly my track record ain't so good. new approach - treating my weight control issue like a 'disease' that needs constant attention. this gaining/losing cycle is unhealthy and heartbreaking. once I've reached my goal, giving myself a 5 lb. grace and if scales go above that, it's back on the plan!
  • my student teacher (who is fabulous!) has only two more weeks, then she is off for Costa Rica for an International Student Teaching experience...I have gotten spoiled, but will miss her because she is such a sweetheart!
  • attended a baby shower today and for my followers, you know that is 'so not me'. wasn't too bad, mostly a family thing so I survived. my gift is pictured above...think mom-to-be was pleased
  • dentist last week, hated it! new night guard (yes, I grind my teeth) is on the way and my account has many less $'s thanks to that and the purchase of a, what a gadget! to call it an electric toothbrush would be an understatement
  • praying politicians will develop a conscience & remember they are representing the people before they vote in 'ObamaCare'. how can they sleep at night, knowing that so many of US are against it?

'Til next time, hope all is well in your corner of blog world!

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