Tuesday, July 13, 2010

His & Hers

His & Hers Wet Bathing Suit Bags

Custom work is so much fun. I love to get an email or phone call asking "can you do this or that?"... most of the time the answer is "Yes!". This time, the answer was not only "yes", but "why didn't I think of that?" So the first question was: is the bag big enough for two bathing suits? No, but I had been considering increasing the size...original bag was great for a 'bikini', but MY bathing suit would be a tight squeeze. Next question: do you make a bag for men's swimming trunks? No, unfortunately my merchandise is not very gender diverse. End result: His & Her Wet Bathing Suit Bags! Wouldn't this be a great bride/groom gift for the honeymoon, a fun gift for the couple who travel often or a good accessory for the 'gym bag' ? What do you think?
Hubby flew out this morning, back to work in the Gulf. He shared germs. I am sick. Doctor, here I come.


  1. OMG I love them! Don't you need your house clean, because I sure did see lots of things I liked in the basement Sunday night!

  2. That is a darling idea! I would def use that as a gift! xoxo