Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just waiting for Hubby to get home. I keep hearing planes fly over, but none of them are landing! Or is that someone is mowing? Anyway, there was some minor damage to plane after all...apparently a flying porta-john dinged a wing and broke off the radio antennas. Is that a great story or what?!?! He had it (the plane) inspected and deemed safe to fly home. Hopefully he will be here soon...this waiting is awful.

This is what I finished in the Basement today. The matching shirts are actually a mistake. Jack asked for a helicopter and I was going to do just a 'P' for Paul with the same fabric, but I put the wrong size shirt on the machine first. Glad I caught it before the name stitched out. I really like the bikini bag with the flip flops. And the 'A' shirt is a new alphabet 'Bloomin'...really cute! Need to get it posted on the website. There's still time to get Easter orders in, but please don't wait too much longer. We have sunshine today, but it breezy and cool. Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend.


  1. Love those helicopters!! Too, too cute. Hope Hubby is home now safe and sound! XOXO

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