Saturday, April 23, 2011


This is the dress that College Daughter worn on the first day of school when she entered 1st grade....hand-smocked by me with soooo much love....she was precious! Still is. Today she came home and we worked on addressing college graduation announcements and decorating the top of her mortarboard (a tradition at UNC-C). Such a fun day, yet so bittersweet. Where have the years gone? My adorable, toothless 1st grader is a soon-to-be college honor graduate. (By the way, she needs a job, if anyone out there knows of something in the Public Health field please let us know!) I feel old.

Happy Easter...hope the bunny is good to you!
PS...I am officially on Spring Break....Whoopee!


  1. Get some rest over Spring Break! :) You'll need it to go back and handle the end-of-year goodness that's coming up! :)

  2. Good question - where do the days go? Happy Easter friend. xoxo

  3. Happy Easter!!! My baby is graduating too. Where do the years go? Enjoy your spring break. Love & blessings from NC!