Monday, April 27, 2009

One down...

...and four to go! for this week. The countdown is on...27 regular days, 4 exam days, 2 work days, then glory! summer vacation! I have lots of Seniors this semester and our excitement level & anticipation of June 12 is about even. Twenty-seven years in high school, wonder if I'll get a diploma this time?
I'm finally feeling almost normal...still having to be very careful about my diet. I'm still using WW online, but not doing so great with tracking and exercise. Total loss is 20.4 lbs and I"m within ounces of the 10% goal...hoping to hit that milestone next week.
I'm making remarkable progress on the 'big' order. 53 out of 71 bags finished. Rach was here this weekend and for the price of a 'Mexican date' she rolled up her sleeves and helped. She learned how to 'finger press', cut & seal ribbon and tie zipper pulls. She was also my 'spell checker' which is real important when one is making personalized items. None of the girls have ever shown much interest in sewing, but it's nice to know they can help in a pinch...maybe it's genetics?!?!?
Time to turn on the machines and get busy. Hope you had a great Monday.


  1. You teach high school? What subject? (I'm working on getting a job for High School English!)

  2. Hi Leslie...I teach Apparel Development (sewing) & Parenting. Really like working in Cabarrus County. Best wishes with you job search.