Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just cuttin' grass

I'm told (now) that one of the biggest problems with laparoscopic surgery is that the recovery seems to be going well, people get a false sense of being 'back to normal', then they over do it (something as routine and innocent as cutting grass) and wham! pain!!! Who would have thought riding a lawn mower could play such havoc with ones insides? I'm also told to feel relieved that a trip back to the hospital wasn't necessary...I mostly just feel stupid!

Thanks everyone for your patience & well wishes these past few weeks.


  1. you NEED to take it easy!! I remember thinking I was super mom after the girls were born and wish I had taken it a little easier!! Trust me where the move is concerned, My husband and I will move if we want too, Not what the girls want. My 9 year old(the middle child) is just an old soul!! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Do not overdo!!! Take good care of yourself!!! xoxo