Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is great!

It's final-I want to be a stay at home Mom! I know my children are grown and don't live here anymore, but that shouldn't matter. Yeah, hubby will reply "wish in one hand....". I just l-o-v-e being at home! Spring Break should last forever! The countdown 'til summer vacation will start Monday and believe me, June 12 can't get here fast enough. Although I enjoy teaching & love my students, this working 'outside' the home is simply overrated.
Since I'm still 'recovering', we're taking it easy this week. I've almost caught up on orders and we are taking a quick trip to Wilmington tomorrow. Got my fingers crossed for a couple of clear & warm days. I'm no sun worshiper nor do I care about 'tanning', but sunshine and ocean sounds are soooo relaxing.
Been doing a little closet cleaning. Between WW and surgery, I've dropped a size or two. Went shopping Monday with the explicit goal of buying something that was NOT black...came home with black linen pants, blk/white sweater, blk/white/taupe jacket, blk sandals, and green out of five? Goal accomplished!

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  1. Shoot! I love black! So most of the time, I aim to buy something black! lol Especially since I'm losing weight with WW I need to be sure whatever I buy will match SOMETHING in my closet! :)

    Great shopping!

    Hope you are feeling back to normal (whatever that may be) soon!