Sunday, July 26, 2009

Airplane widow

You've all heard of (and you may be one) golf widows, football widows, fishing widows get my drift...well, I'm an Airplane widow! One of hubby's hobbies (mind you I said ONE) is flying. He has a sweet Cessna Cardinal. He loves me, the girls and his plane. Hopefully in that order!
But not this week...Cardinal takes first billing. It's annual inspection time. Not only does he love flying the plane, he likes tinkering with it. He would be offended by that description, because it really is more like mechanicing. He takes the entire plane apart, bolt by bolt. Cleans every part, greases, paints, replaces worn parts, takes pictures of everything...really intense stuff. He is meticulous. Which works for me since I fly around in the thing with him! If he wasn't an Engineer, he would be an airplane mechanic and he would be a good one. He dreams of building his own plane someday and I have no doubt he will. The inspector will be here tomorrow and without question said plane will pass with flying colors. Excuse the pun.

Meanwhile, I've taken advantage of the empty house to catch up on some projects. Started some of that cleaning mentioned earlier. Dang, I hate housework! My back aches today, but my floors and bathrooms sparkle! The basement is shaping up too (at least my side). Fabric is all nice & neat, organized by color and everything in it's right place. Embroidery blanks are stored away in labeled drawers. What did people do before they invented those plastic storage thingies?
Almost finished the order list, here are pics of what I did today. Don't know which I like best! Pretty in Pink (top) is my most popular girl gift set right now. This one includes a hooded towel.
The 'church tote' (center) goes with the gift set I featured yesterday.
The last photo shows the new infant bibs and caps that I picked up at market earlier this month. Just added a little ribbon and monogram, so sweet! Pink for girls and blue for boys. Will be adding them to the website soon.
Three & a half weeks before school starts...I usually start 'mourning' about now. I love summer vacation!


  1. Just loving the navy and kelly tote bag.
    Adorable bow ribbon.
    As for small airplanes...cannot do it! I once flew in a 4 seater with a friend who is a pilot. Got up in the air no problem, started flying around, looked out the window and got so queeeeeezzzyyy, it was unreal! Half way to destination, he had to turn back. My other friend took me home and poor me was sick for almost 2 days!

  2. Ours is a four flying in my Camry. For long or bumpy flights, Dramamine is part of my pre-flight preparation! ;)