Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rules about being mad

So if you are mad at someone, then they can't be mad at you because you are mad at them, right? not everyone knows these rules and they need to read up on being mad or this could go on for longer than necessary. End of subject.

Been busy in the you love this set of clutches for a wedding party or what? The bride wanted them alike, yet different...I think we accomplished that. This was a fun project! The black and white bags are lined with hot pink satin so the bride decided she would do a 'reverse' bag for herself (with sassy zebra print lining). I've had an awful headache for the past couple of days and it just dawned on me that it's the new glue used to attach the fabric to the metal frames...dah! No wonder I have to order it from UK, probably banned in the United States...definitely need to leave the fan on next time.


  1. they are adorable!!! Your hard work has paid off, but I hate that you have had the headache. sounds like you need some fresh air, like um, Hawaii or so. :)


  2. These bags are adorable! Love the idea for a bridal party! Watch out for that glue tho and your headache....

  3. Who are you mad at? The bags are great - the basement is not well ventilated - open a window next time!

  4. I love the clutches. I might have to add them to my girls' Christmas list!