Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeling froggie?

This is my new favorite! A little different from the typical sweet baby pink or blue , but it really works for me.
I 'm trying to work myself into a cleaning/organizing mood. The basement is a inventory is arriving daily and there's no place to put everything. I can not stand clutter, so something must be done. My A+ son-in-law took measurements to build a 'ribbon storage rack' to hang on the wall. Can't will be a great organizer, I'll be able to see all of that beautiful ribbon all of the time & it will free up several ( I like ribbon!) drawers for other stuff! I suspended the house keeping service for the summer....trying to save a few dollars & no reason I can't do it since I'm home,right?...yeah, well that's not working for me. We need some serious, old fashion Spring Cleaning up in here! I have been cleaning out a drawer or cabinet here and there, at this rate I'll be finished by winter! Might have to give my girl a call...need orders, please! so I can be 'just too busy to clean'.
Hope you have something great planned for the weekend...I'll be hanging out here.


  1. Adorable whimsical pattern! Love it! How exciting to recreate your work studio!

  2. I love that stuff, and I am usually not one for "characters" - but that set is too cute!!

  3. Darlin', your work is so precious!! I need to place an order just as soon as I have a monogram confirmed! I've been looking a reason, and a friend's baby due in October is providing just the one I need!