Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to our new 'normal'

New Merchandise
Our vacation week was nice, but passed too quickly. We spent lots of time catching up on things that have been neglected during hubby's absence. Seems like everything we own was broken in some way or another. I am so fortunate to have a guy that can do everything...seriously, there are very few occasions that he doesn't know how to do whatever needs doing. While home,he replaced the motor for my car window (which would go down, but not back up), put a new water pump on the boat engine, cut & cleared away huge limbs that had come down during a recent thunder storm, set up my software to re-do Basement Bags website (what a massive undertaking!) and the list goes on, all while still working several hours each day on the phone/computer. He is truly an amazing man! I am truly a lucky girl! We finally got to the lake for the weekend and enjoyed time with friends & family. Now the house is empty again and I'm back to what is our 'normal' for now. Just two weeks of summer vacation left...really? where does time go? I'm not ready to go back yet. There is a stack of orders waiting to be processed, books that haven't been read yet, Spring cleaning that hasn't been done, summer lunch dates that haven't even been set up, pounds that haven't been lost, and that website makeover that is still looming. Shoot!...I don't have time to go back to work! And that treadmill is yelling at me right now...heavens! let me get this day started.
Hope you'll stop by The Basement and check out all of the new merchandise. As I say often, "It's not too early to think Christmas, Y'all"!

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  1. Hey! so glad you had fun! I haven't posted yet about the gift cause I haven't mailed it yet. I had one more thing to include in her gift, so . . . it will be later! xoxo