Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coming up for sunshine...

It's another gorgeous fall day here and I'm fixin' to (Southern for preparing/getting ready) leave the Basement to enjoy some sunshine. Think I'll grab a book and check out the hammock...pure joy! Just finished these items...which do you like best? I love, love, love the baby gift set with the fireman theme! So glad to finally have large and medium black totes back in stock and think the shoulder tote shown here will be very popular too.

Also wanted to share another pic from our photo are 'the girls' (please ignore that kissy couple in the background there) ;)


  1. I LOVE that of them in the background with the girls in front. LOVE. IT.

  2. Cute picture!! And I hope you enjoyed the book, hammock, and beautiful sunshine!

  3. LOVE the picture!! Precious. xoxo