Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just sewing...

Nothing much happening 'round here...just lots of sewing. Church bags and shoe bags were on today's list...tons of fun colors and designs.
Listened to/watched some interesting ACC and SEC football while I worked. SC beat Alabama...wooo! least Hanna looked good. She called to say she'd had lots of compliments and inquires about her adorable Bama top. Sounded like they were having fun...that was before the game started.
Speaking of the Bamba wear...had to do a major make-over on the top when she picked it up. While cute on the hanger, the pillowcase design was not at all flattering on the body. It seriously looked like a maternity top complete with built-in-baby. And even though I HATE doing alterations, it had to be adjusted. So I transformed the 'barrel' into an A-line empire baby doll kinda thingy and we both loved the finished product.
Back to football.. Hard day for the Orange teams...NC beat Clemson? huh. And the Bulldogs were so unkind to Tennessee. Wouldn't have matter which team, win or lose, sure wish I had been tailgating somewhere in the South on this perfect college football day.

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